Why our manometers?

We Perfect Flow Instruments from Pune, Maharashtra are leading Mano meter manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Chennai , Bangalore & all over India. Our ranges of manometers are available in various models, sizes, specifications, and types to fulfill our customer’s needs and requirements. These manometers are highly applauded among our valued clients for their features like accuracy, durability, and light weight and cost effective.

Each product has tested by our expert quality controller team on different parameters to ensure flawless and excellent performance. We supply the excellent quality manometers to diversified industries for pressure measurement applications. Accordingly our industry has become the popular Mano meter manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Pune, Maharashtra, Chennai , Bangalore & all over India.

Manometer Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India, Chennai, Bangalore, Aurangabad

What is manometer? What are its different types?

A Manometer is an instrument used to measure pressure of liquids or gases. It is available in different types such as U-tube, digital pressure, acrylic and glass tube, wall type and absolute manometer

Where does our manometer used?

Our manometers are used to measure pressure in HVAC system, hygienic processing of food and pharmaceutical products. These pressure gauges are also used to measure blood pressure.


  • Accuracy: Manometers provide precise and accurate pressure measurements, making them suitable for applications where precise pressure control is essential.
  • Wide Range: They can measure a wide range of pressure values, from very low vacuum pressures to extremely high pressures, depending on the type of manometer used.
  • Versatility: Manometers come in various types, including U-tube manometers, digital manometers, and mercury manometers, among others, making them adaptable to different pressure measurement needs.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Manometers provide real-time pressure readings, allowing for continuous monitoring of pressure changes in systems and processes.
  • No External Power Source: Most manometers do not require an external power source, which means they can operate independently without the need for batteries or electricity.

Inclined manometer, single limb manometer and u tube type manometer are produced by leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Chennai.

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