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Perfect Flow Instruments is a leading manufacturer of Glass & Metal Tube Rotameter, Mano Meter, Side Mounted Tubular Level Indicator in India. Founded in 1991 with a specific focus on Glass & Metal Tube Rotameter, Mano Meter, Side Mounted Tubular Level Indicator, Perfect Flow Instruments has since grown in to a national company having completed projects in all india. With a focus on continual improvement of products, management and service, Perfect Flow Instruments completes manufacturing in the company owned facility in conformity with best standards .all of our products are produced with a strong emphasis on simplistic design, Perfect Flow Instruments invests strongly in product improvements and new development based heavily on feedback from the diverse customer base. We appreciate the honor of being their supplier. We are into manufacturing of Process Control Instruments since 1991. We're committed to working with our customers, by understanding the product application and discover ways of improving, and hence to provide Better Quality products, which are reliable and Value for money Please do have a look at our PRODUCTS page to view our manufacturing range

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Perfect Flow Instruments is dedicated to providing families and companies with solution systems that are affordable and meet the requirements of the market. Perfect Flow Instruments products must be of excellent quality meeting relevant industry standards and be backed by a high level of customer service and competitive warranty support. Perfect Flow Instruments as a company strives to play a leading role in the equipments industry, with a focus on continual improvement of products.

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Our Vision is to be recognized as a global leader in the equipment industry ,providing sustainable ,innovative and cost –effective solutions which will increase the value to every stakeholder.


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